This is nice vintage panoramic film camera KMZ Horizont. 28mm rotating f2.8 lens makes 24×58mm frames on 35mm film, giving a 120° view. 

The camera is a fixed focus design, use depth of field to obtain optimum sharpness. By adjusting the slit width exposure times of 1/30s, 1/60s and 1/125s can be set on the dial at the top plate. An un-calibrated and unmarked 1/250s is also available. In the center of the dial is a film speed reminder dial. A spirit level is located on the left corner of the top plate, which is covered when the detacheable viewfinder is fitted into a vertical shoe on the front. A mirror system allows the user to see the spirit level when looking through the viewfinder.

The camera is used, but in good condition, working. Film tested. Comes with a case and manual (in russian). 


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